Value Engineering

Often, Technical Foundations is able to leverage experience and relationships in the industry to evaluate your projects and provide a value alternative approach.  In some instances, the current foundation design has constructability issues that either make the implementation cost prohibitive or nearly impossible to do.  In other instances, there are alternative foundation elements that can save substantial cost and/or construction time over what’s shown on the drawings.

Projects can have one or more of the following factors that can drive the need for a value engineered alternative foundation design:

  1. Overhead obstructions.
  2. Limited space constraints.
  3. Restrictions on diesel exhaust.
  4. Contaminated soils.
  5. Soil conditions that are not necessarily conducive to the current design.
  6. Capacity requirements that can drive savings by providing a more cost effective number of elements.
  7. Material availability.

With an in-house engineering and estimating staff, your project is evaluated to provide a preliminary engineering and cost-effective estimate for an alternative approach, in addition to the ‘per plans and specs’ approach. This allows you the benefit of a cost-effective project.

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Quality Foundation Construction Services

Technical Foundations has successfully valued engineered hundreds of projects across the Mid-Atlantic region, providing significant cost savings and faster implementation.  Contact us today to value engineer your next project!

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