Rigid Inclusions

Rigid Inclusions, also known as Auger Cast Columns, are a ground improvement system utilizing unreinforced grouted columns installed with a continuous flight auger rig. Rigid Inclusions are used in soft soils to meet settlement criteria and/or improve bearing capacity in soft soils.

This allows for structures to utilize shallow foundations such as spread footings or slabs-on-grade. The drilled columns range in diameter from 14-24”. Rigid Inclusions are not connected to a pile cap. Instead, a load transform platform is designed and installed on top of the Rigid Inclusions to transfer the load from the structure to the soils and columns.


The Benefits of Rigid Inclusions:

  • Low Vibration
  • Less Noise
  • Allows the use of shallow foundations such as spread footings and slabs-on-grade in less desirable soils.
  • Increases the bearing capacity of weaker soils.
  • Suitable for most types of structures and soil types.
  • Suitable for most ground conditions including high water table applications.
  • Cost effective compared to deep foundation applications.

How it Works:

  • The drill rig advances the auger to the design tip elevation of the column.
  • A ready-mix grout is pumped through the hollow stem of the auger under high pressure as the auger is slowly withdrawn.
  • Install the load transfer platform over completed Rigid Inclusions

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