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In dealing with a versatile deep foundation system, auger cast piles are drilled and then grouted under pressure – which develops excellent capacity through skin friction and are free of shock and vibration. Technical Foundations has specially designed equipment available for areas of restricted height and access. Auger cast piles can also be used in shoring applications to meet difficult excavation requirements.

  • Low Vibration
  • Less Noise
  • Cost Effective
  • Limited Headroom Applications
  • Structural Shoring
  • Load Testing to verify capacity

How it works

  1. Auger is drilled to the bottom of the pile and slowly withdrawn
  2. ReadyMix grout is pumped through hollow stem of auger
  3. Grout filled piling

Technical Foundations utilizes auger cast piles when dealing with deep foundations for new structures in soils, in some low headroom applications and for additions to existing structures. We also use auger cast piles for retaining walls to build a consistent facing prior to excavation.