Celebrating 30 Years of Quality Foundation Services

Technical Foundations is a specialty foundation contractor licensed to perform contracting services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our personnel are highly skilled in foundation installation procedures, including deep foundation construction, remediation and new construction.

We are recognized for excelling in unique foundation projects, and our success in atypical and difficult situations illustrates our innovative ability to implement creative new approaches.


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Keeping Your Project On-time and On-budget With Safety in Mind.

Technical Foundations takes pride in the great care and attention to detail we apply when reviewing your project.

We carefully consider the existing conditions and the applications that are specified to ensure a safe, high quality and economical result. When presented with unusual situations, we work closely with engineers to develop new strategies.

You can count on Technical Foundations to provide cost-efficient, innovative solutions and sustainable ground improvement to even your toughest jobs.

Technical Foundations proved a true partner bringing cost effective options for deep foundation systems that both met the structural requirements for the project, and also save cost to The Owner.

Technical Foundations’ collaboration with the entire project team provided confidence that the proposed system selected would satisfy everyone’s needs

Richard Fronzcak
Project Manager – Kjellstrom & Lee Construction

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