Your Source For Solid Solutions To Complicated Ground Conditions Since 1992

What We Do

Technical Foundations is a service oriented foundation contractor that specializes in deep foundation construction, remediation, and new construction. Our services include a variety of foundation construction treatments including auger cast piling, pressure grouting, helical piles, micro piles, shoring and soil retention, FabriformĀ® Erosion Control, anchors and dam repairs, and compaction grouting. Nearly every application of our specialized construction services involves the basic principle of injecting grout slurries under pressure with specialized drilling, mixing and pumping equipment.

Why Choose Us

Technical Foundations is committed to the safety and security of our clients and employees, and at the same time – achieving professional and high quality service in each project we undertake.

Each member of our crew is trained and qualified to tackle the most unique and toughest challenges. We work closely with each client to understand the constraints and challenges that can occur during a project and we guarantee to surpass any underlying problems to achieve the necessary technical objectives to complete a successful job

What Separates Us From Our Competition

When you have a challenging job that involves major ground construction, you can count on Technical Foundations to provide specialty deep foundation solutions.
We work with commercial and industrial clients utilizing various engineered drilled pile applications where typical foundations are not adequate or access prohibits typical solutions.

Technical Foundations can provide remediation services for failed or settled foundations and leaking structures such as pipes, walls and dams by injecting grout into the soils of the affected area. We also provided engineered solutions for soil retention and slope stabilization.

We use superior construction methods that are unique as well as efficient and cost effective for your project. Technical Foundations is most proud of the ability to provide non-disruptive work activities on site. We avoid high noise levels during construction by using specific engineering and administrative controls.

We work closely with several geotechnical engineers to reach solutions for projects in remediation or construction that deal with difficult or complicated ground conditions. Our services range from a wide variety of contractors including: general contractors, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, and to all commercial and/or industrial facilities. We service all of Virginia and expand across the entire Mid-Atlantic geographical region, and are excited to take on any challenge you present with foundation problems.