Industrial Facility

Undisclosed Location | General Contractor: Team TMS

Project plans called for (3) 14” dia. x 88.5’ auger cast piles with design loads of 45 kips compression, 25 kips tension, and 6 kips lateral. Due to concerns about limited headroom as well as the significant weight-of-hammer zone in the top 40’ of soil, several options were considered in lieu of auger cast. Ultimately an 8" diameter x 50' round pipe helical pile was chosen for a number of reasons, including its high capacity, resistance to buckling, and ability to be installed in a limited-headroom environment.

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Hancock Marina Sea Wall

MCAS Cherry Point, NC | General Contractor: Trader Construction

Designed and installed 46 grouted tiebacks as part of the remediation of a damaged bulkhead at the marina. Due to limited access traditional tieback rigs could not be utilized. Technical Foundations designed a unique platform-mounted drill rig that was suspended over the water in order to drill the 8” diameter grouted anchors that were installed through the existing bulkhead.

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Verizon Wireless DAS Project

Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, VA | General Contractor: E.L. Muller Construction Company

Designed & installed the auger cast piles and the excavation shoring required for the project. A demanding schedule, small project footprint and varying pile cut off elevations were some of the challenges that TFI managed. A total of 51 auger cast piles 14" dia. x 30' deep along with 820sf of excavation shoring were installed.

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VCU Student Housing

Richmond, VA | General Contractor: KBS, Inc.

TFI designed and installed an excavation shoring system to facilitate construction of a multi-story residential building with below grade parking. In order to maximize the usable space on site, approximately 8,800sf of soldier pile & timber lagging shoring walls were installed "online" which provided soil retention and served as one-sided forms for cast-in-place basement walls.

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Technical Foundations, Inc.

is a specialty foundation contractor licensed to perform contracting services in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our personnel are highly skilled in foundation installation procedures, including deep foundation construction, remediation and new construction.

We are recognized for excelling in unique foundation projects, and our success in atypical and difficult situations illustrates our innovative ability to implement creative new approaches.

Technical Foundations takes pride in the great care and attention to detail we apply when reviewing a project. We carefully consider the existing conditions and the applications that are specified to ensure a safe, high quality and economical result. When presented with unusual situations, we work closely with engineers to develop new strategies.

You can count on Technical Foundations to provide cost-efficient, innovative solutions and sustainable ground improvement to even your toughest jobs.